Over a Century of Partnership in Mission with United Methodist Women

For over 100 years, Neighborhood Center has partnered with the women of the church to improve the lives of residents in Harrisburg.

In the early 1900’s the Methodist Mission, Neighborhood Center’s predecessor, was championed by the Women’s Home Mission Societies of churches in the Harrisburg area. They raised funds and donated furniture, toys, food and many other items that enabled the Mission to carry out its work with immigrant families.

After unification of the Methodist Church, women’s organizations within the church combined to form the Women’s Society of Christian Service (W.S.C.S.). In the early 1940’s, two-thirds of the Center’s budget was provided by W.S.C.S. of the Central Pennsylvania Conference. The same period brought a closer relationship with national Methodist institutions. The Center formally came under the jurisdiction of the Women’s Division of Christian Service of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church.

On the local level, United Methodist Women continued their strong support of the Center. In the 1980’s when the Center launched a capital campaign to raise funds for a new building, UMW organizations took the lead in pledging and raising money for the effort.

The Center’s relationship with the United Methodist Women continued to grow in 1987, when the Center entered a covenant agreement of relationship with the National Women’s Division. With that agreement, the Center became a national mission institution of the church.

The United Methodist Women’s support of the Center goes beyond fundraising and national recognition. United Methodist Women volunteer in the Center’s programs and serve on its Boards. With their guidance, the Center remains firm in its goal to serve women, children and families and to realize its vision: Better Lives, Better Community, Better Harrisburg.

Congratulations United Methodist Women for years of mission service.

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